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Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
(Exodus 20:3)



Check out the Lyric Video for the single PTL (Praise The Lord). The beat was made by Profestesa Beats. The art and video were illustrated and produced by Tim.



Like many recording artists before him, Tim was trying to make it in the secular rap world with goals of being the best rapper alive. That ego would eventually lead to his downfall.

In 2011 and entering into 2012, Tim was having marital issues and temporarily separated from his wife and daughter. That separation hurt and confused him to the point that he started using "medical cannabis" to "medicate."He also created an alter-ego named TBagg! and left his career as a Massage Therapist to rap. "My goal was to be the best rapper alive, to get a deal with Shady, Aftermath or G-Unit and I wasn't gonna let anybody stop me."

With his limited knowledge of who God really was, he felt that God was wrong for allowing his family to breakup despite being abusive and said, "I don't need God anymore since he allowed this and I will do this by myself." That attitude and turning away would eventually lead him to hitting rock bottom and losing everything. 

On December 31st, 2012, Tim  found a Bible at the bus stop while on his way back to work as a Massage Therapist. With his birthday being 1 day away on January 1st, he realized that God was still trying to get his attention to let him know that his Son Jesus Christ was the only one that could save him from all of the evil that he had gotten himself in. 

Tim refers to this TBagg! era as "the darkest and most demonic year/time of my life." A year which included marital issues, domestic violence, family drama, drug abuse, jail, psych wards, homelessness and more. So, with one day left in 2012, Tim made the decision to at least give Christ a real chance and to learn his ways through the Bible that he just found. 

Tim would also download the Holy Bible app onto his phone and would listen to the word through the audio companion. "I had once heard that, "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17)." So, at that time, he figured he would listen to the word of God to help build his faith.

During 2013 and after many hours of listening to various books of the Bible, Tim would eventually hear the Gospels and come to understand why Jesus came to save sinners like himself. After hearing the stories about Jesus, he started to realize how much he needed him. This realization would eventually lead him into repentance and turning away from his past lifestyle of living in sin and officially accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. 

"I remember skateboarding to work one day in 2014. During this time, I was learning about Jesus and wanted to be a better person but was still trying to hold on to my weed habit and other parts of a sinful lifestyle. Then, out of the blue, lyrics started to come to me about repenting and turning away from that lifestyle. I remember not having a pen and paper so I had to remember the rhymes. Once I got to Trader Joes, I grabbed some snacks for work and I used one of their paper bags to write down the start of the rhyme. I didn't want to forget what came to me while massaging folks because I've never had a moment like that and knew that God was working something out. I actually still have the paper bag that I wrote the rhyme on. Lol"

Those lyrics would eventually turn into a freestyle called, "iRepent!" and was one of 4 tracks on a demo devoted to Tims' new found love for God and officially marking the end of the TBagg! era."

Around 2015, Tim was really focused on keeping God1st in his life. He started to attend church more frequently and also started to wear a hoodie with the God1st Logo on it. The hoodie helped serve as a brief reminder to keep God1st and to also share the message around town. In addition, he was facing challenges with the passing of an Uncle, trying to reconcile with his wife and daughter after years of separation during the tail end of his Mothers' fight with cancer. Eventually his Mother would pass on in March of 2016. "This was a very tough time but I thank God that my wife and daughter were around for us all to support each other despite our turbulent history. I had been praying and waiting patiently for God to work things out concerning my family and he came through in the clutch!" 

Even through all of the challenges, he remained dedicated to keeping God1st and trusting that he would guide him through the storm. Now in 2018, he is continuing to rely on God through various storms and sharing parts of his testimony with his talents via God1st.net. His 1st official single, "PTL (Praise The Lord)" is a song dedicated to Praising The Lord for all of the wonderful things that he has done. The beat was made by Profetesa Beats and the song was released on April 1st, 2018 on all major digital outlets and in CD format to pass out for when he is in the streets or in various Churches sharing his testimony.



Fill out the contact forum below with any comments you may have or if you have questions about possibly booking Tim to share his testimony with your congregation.

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